Ayurvedic Massage Techniques

Ayurvedic in Cary, NCAyurvedic in Cary, NC massage is an ancient form of healing that is still used today. Great for ridding the body of toxins, pain and other ailments, you’ll find that it’s also relaxing and rejuvenating. Used to detoxify and heal, this type of massage has the ability to heal through herbal oil therapy. In addition to the various massage techniques that Ayurvedics uses,  the aromatics incorporated from the oils leave you feeling refreshed and serene as well. Deep healing can take place as the herbal oil penetrates within the skin cells.

It's possible that you might not have heard of this massage type. As we mentioned, it is thousands of years old. Ancient India used Ayurvedics as a way of healing. It was also introduced in Greece and played a big part in Ancient Chinese medicine as well. Below, you’ll find several techniques that are done within Ayurvedics.


This form of massage focuses on individual doshas of the body, much like trigger point therapy in reflexology. There are only three doshas. Each dosha is connected to a part of the body. Wherever your problem area might be will determine which dosha is focused on.


Focusing on detoxification, this Ayurvedic technique uses massage combined with corresponding oils to target certain ailments. The massage type used in this practice is called abyhanga. Using rhythmic patterns, two specalists work together, massaging and adding oil, to expel toxins as they liquefy under the movement of the massage.

Marma Point

Also using a type of massage to target energetic points, which are directly linked to metabolism, emotions and organ function, is called Marma point therapy. The energetic points are also known as marmas. This technique focuses on points, much like acupuncture does, and also uses oils to stimulate the marmas. The massaging technique used requires hand pressure to the points.

All techniques, though they're a bit different, focus on one thing, healing the body and relaxing our emotional state. Each method also uses a combination of specific oils that are geared toward ridding the body of toxins. You'll find that the following benefits can be gained from this massage type.

  • Enhanced skin performance
  • Increased circulation
  • Nerve calming
  • Impuritiy elemination within the body
  • Better nourished tissues
  • Toxin relases
  • Extra energy
  • Heightened mental awareness
  • Better sleep
  • Smooth, soft skin
  • Muscle toning
Affordable Ayurvedic in Cary, NC | Spa At Stone Creek

Call today to make your appointment for an Ayurvedic in Cary, NC massage. It's a great way to cleanse the scalp, heal the body and relax. The warmed oils are applied directly to the hair and scalp and body, making this luxurious massage a perfect way to end a long, stressful day or week. Pair it with a facial, fully body massage or other service from the Spa and you're sure to leave in a state of pure bliss!

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If you're ready to schedule your next massage, contact us soon. More interested in our waxing or other skincare services? Feel free to give us a call about those as well!

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