Are “Guybrows” a Real Thing?

Hair Removal in Cary, NCWhen we think of eyebrow waxing and styling, women come to mind. Why? It's not always often that men talk about their eyebrows or care what they look like. However, there's a large population of men that are interested in what their brows look like. That's how Ramy Gafni,celebrity makeup artist and eyebrow specialist came up with the trademarked term "guybrows".

After years of working in the business, he realized that half his clientele were men. Whether they talk about it or not most men are influenced by their sisters, mothers, spouses or fiances to shape up their brows.

According to Ramy Gafni, "I've been doing brows for 18 years and even 5 or 6 years ago, men would only come to have their brows groomed after hours or if dragged in by their fiance before the wedding. "Today, men make up nearly 50 percent of my clientele. There is no stigma anymore about having your brows groomed. Men will be sitting next to women in my waiting area and there is no shame in the game anymore."

Are men still ashamed to have their brows done? While most millennials are OK with having them done in a salon, there are many in the older generations that aren't excited about the idea of being seen getting their brows waxed and shaped. That means there are quite a few using a DIY kit at home.

Most men don't want their brows overly done. Gafni agrees with that. There's no reason a man should have brows that are over-waxed and shaped. That's why he understands the misconception about eyebrow waxing and why men aren't interested in having it done. However, there are ways to shape without going overboard. If you're not so sure about this technique, consider having it done just once. Be sure the technician knows you're not interested in a total overhaul. Instead, let them know that you are only in for a small shape up - just something to tame the wild hairs and possible unibrow that could be taking over.

We hope this information encourages you to feel comfortable enough to visit the salon next time your brows need some attention. Waxing is quicker and more efficient than tweezing or shaving. In addition, it lasts up three weeks longer or more!

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