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Whether you are seeking help in healing an injury, releasing tension and stress or pampering yourself with the gift of mindful, therapeutic work, massage is an effective way to facilitate positive change in your body, mind and spirit. We take a custom approach to massage therapy to address your individual condition and needs. No matter which therapist you work with, your massage will be tailored for you.

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Signature Massage | 50 min $80 - 80 min $130 – 100 min $170
Exclusively at The Spa at Stone Creek, experience a customizable massage to meet your specific needs and goals. Eminence apricot oil will soothe and nourish skin while helping to melt away the stress of the day, as therapists work with you to determine the best massage treatment for your body.

Signature Duet | 50 min $160 - 80 min $260 – 100 min $340
The perfect way to enjoy some quality time with friend or partner. Two people can enjoy their Signature Massage experience together, side by side in our couple's suite. Our suite is ideal for any special occasion, such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Valentine's Day. 
Add the Duet Sauna for additional relaxation time together 30min $50. 

Anti-Aging, Zen Massage | 25 min $65
Relieve stress mentally and physically with an acupressure, essential-oil massage to feet, face, and scalp. Tone and tighten the facial skin and fascia. Lessen wrinkles and plump the face while muscles tone and skin complexion is improved.

Reflexology | 25 min $50 - 50 min $80
Relax and alleviate stress as vigorous acupressure is applied to feet in order to affect the corresponding body parts and organ systems. This therapeutic modality is perfect to stimulate the whole body’s natural healing while your mind rests.

Mama's Massage | 50 min $90 - 80 min $140
Our Prenatal Massage is specifically designed for women who are expecting or women post-delivery. Benefits from prenatal massage include reduced back and hip pain, reduced joint pain, reduced swelling, better sleep, and increased relaxation.

Sports Massage | 50 min $90 - 80 min $140 - 100 min $180
Perfect for the seasoned athlete seeking some muscle ease, or anyone starting their fitness journey looking to soothe soreness. This massage focuses on flexibility, recovery, and restoration employing deep pressure techniques to targeted muscle groups.

Stone Creek Abhyanga | 80 min $145 - 100 min $185
Nourish and replenish your skin while toning muscles, soothing your entire nervous system, and optimizing your body’s ability to flush and remove toxins. This ancient Ayurvedic massage incorporates firm, long massage strokes with warm mustard oil to help move lymph to drain toxins, give attention to the length of the muscles, and provide the most grounding touch for the body. The herbal wrap and foot massage help to lock oils in the skin and provide a deeper relaxation.

Eminence Exfoliating Massage | 80 min $140 - 100 min $180
Feel rejuvenated as the seasonal sugar scrub from Eminence is massaged into the skin. Dead skin cells are swept away with warm towel compressions, leaving skin soft and glowing. Feel nourished as warm oil is applied, nourishing the skin. This treatment is perfect for relaxation, or therapeutic needs.

Sugar Scrub & Glow | 50 min $80
Dry brushing and an exfoliating sugar scrub help to slough off dead skin cells to make your body glow. Warm towels sooth skin and remove scrub, aiding in relaxation. Complete the experience with hydrating Eminence Apricot Oil. The perfect choice for a simple exfoliation.

Vichy Shower | 50 min $115
Our Signature Scrub & Glow enhanced by the warm waters of the Vichy Shower for ultimate relaxation.

Detoxing Vichy Shower | 80 min $150 - 100 min $190
Dry brushing and an exfoliating sugar scrub increase the body’s circulation and lymph drainage while a Seaweed and French Green Clay Mask stimulates and detoxifies. Ayurveda oils are massaged into skin to soothe tension and unblock vital energies, also includes Digestion Reflexology.

Anti-Aging Vichy Shower | 80 min $150 - 100 min $190
Dry brushing and an exfoliating sugar scrub increase the body’s circulation and encourage new cell growth while a French Red Clay Mask anti-oxidizes and firms the body. Eminence Apricot Oil is massaged into skin to hydrate and aid in damaged skin recovery, also includes our Zen Facial Massage.


Aromatherapy | $10
Deep Tissue | $10

Exfoliating Scrub| Hands $15 - Feet $15 - Both $25
Enhance any Facial or Massage treatment with a gentle hand or foot exfoliation. Feel rejuvenated and hydrated as dead skin cells are swept away with the select seasonal scrub from Eminence.

Basalt Stones | 15 min $10 - Full Body $30
Melt muscle tension and feel a deeper relaxation while reducing stress to body and mind with hot basalt rocks. The warmth of stones can be added to any massage, manicure, or pedicure. **Full Body Basalt Stones available for massage only**

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage  | $10
Cleanse the scalp and hydrate follicles with a relaxing warm oil applied to the hair and scalp. Perfect for any facial, manicure, pedicure, or massage.

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