The Perfect Guybrow! Hair Removal Tips for Men.

Waxing in Cary, NCEyebrow waxing and grooming is a big part of many people's daily lives or beauty routine. Some choose to do it themselves or go to the salon and have shaping done. Either way, it's something that takes time and consideration. Especially for men. When you're unsure of how to shape the brow, you might find yourself unsure of having them done at all. That doesn't mean you should leave them alone, though. Below, you'll find a few tips that should help you be confident in your brow shaping, as well as how to ensure you don't over or under do it!

Ask the professional for their opinion. Techs see brows all day long. They have an eye for what looks good and what doesn't. Ask their opinion and value it. You might be surprised at how well things turn out when you give their advice a shot.

Keep some masculinity. Don’t go all the way with your unibrow. Of course, many think its unsightly, but there’s no need to completely remove it. This part of the brow can really define facial features and the overall look of a man. For those in 40 and under, consider leaving it alone, aside from a little shaping. For men over 40, you might want to consider removing more than just a little, as that part of the brow tends to become unruly over time. Just take time to really consider the look you’re going for and don’t do anything that takes away too much masculinity, looks-wise.

Tone the after-shine. Most men who get their brows groomed forget that the skin after hair removal is quite shiny. That means it needs to be toned down a bit. Using a gel that “mattes” the area is key, especially the area between the brows. Don’t forget to use this kind of product to also reduce redness and inflammation after your waxing session.

Wax carefully. Then, take a moment to consider the results. Most men remove hair from the bottom of the brow and then move on to the top or sides. Be sure to really consider what looks best on you before taking too much. Over-doing it is a bad idea. Again, your technician can help you decides what’s best. Take a step back from the mirror and look at the progress during each step of the way. Don’t go through with a full groom without taking it in phases.

Making sure you consider all options before jumping in and removing brow hair is key. Knowing what you want will help you achieve the look you're going for. For more tips, be sure to visit our next blog post, soon!

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