How to Remove Toe and Foot Hair

Hair Removal in Cary, NCAs summer continues to allow us time outdoors wearing shorts and sandals, we are continuously wondering about hair removal in Cary, NC. Whether it's our legs, underarms or feet and toes, removing it quickly and efficiently is key.

There are several ways to remove toe and foot hair, something you might worry about while wearing sandals all summer long. Below, you'll find the most effective ways.

Electrology - This method is great for those looking to permanently remove their foot or toe hair. It's been used in the U.S. since the 19th century. While this technique is great for getting rid of each hair at the follicle, it is quite costly and can take many sessions before you reach your desired results. Even more, because electrology removes every individual hairs from the follicle, the method is painful and tedious.

Laser Hair Removal - This removal method is a better alternative in comparison to electrology, as it's less painful and doesn't require nearly as many sessions for desired results. However, laser hair removal isn't considered a permanent way to rid your body of hair. It's only considered a permanent reduction by the FDA. Why? The lasers used can only target hair that is in an active growth stage. Because hairs don't always reach this stage at the same time, you might have staggered hair growth on feet or toes. This means you won't be able to remove all hair in one session. You will be able to reduce the amount of hair growth, though, and for that reason this treatment is usually worth it for many people.

Sugaring - This method works much like waxing. It offers semi-permanent results. If you choose to DIY this technique, visit back with a previous blog to learn how to make the paste.You might also be able to find a salon that uses this method.

Waxing - One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted hair on your toes or feet is by waxing. It's a simple method that leaves us without the unslightly hair we hate for up to three weeks. You can buy kits for a DIY approach but you can also visit the salon to have a quick wax done there. This technique isn't permanent but because it does remove the hair by its root, the growth process is quite delayed. Because of this, you won't have to visit the salon nearly as often as you would have to shave at home!

Some damage can happen while having this method done. Be sure to stay clear of waxing if you have any of the following current problems:

  • Just had surgery on toes or feet
  • Suffered a serious sunburn on feet
  • Have psoriasis or eczema or any other type of skin condition that causes rashes or irritation
  • Have sensitive skin

If you're ready to remove the hair from your feet or toes, be sure to contact Spa at Stone Creek to learn about our hair removal services!

Affordable Toe Hair Removal in Cary, NC - Call Spa at Stone Creek

Are you more interested in scheduling a waxing session for toe hair removal in Cary, NC? Contact Spa at Stone Creek! Traditional shaving and tweezing are inefficient methods of removal that don't last very long. They also leave skin red and itchy. Don’t subject your beautiful skin to this type of irritation! Contact us to experience a longer lasting, comfortable alternative to shaving. Call now.

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