Five Spa Date Ideas

Weather you have been together one year, ten years, or fifty, looking for new and exciting date ideas is essential to keeping your relationship close.

Spa dates are gaining popularity with bridal shower parties, singles, and couples. Spas are more affordable today then ever. A day at a spa is not so much about luxury anymore as it is now about wellness and keeping one's body healthy.

Cary, NC has many day spas for couples to choose from, so get your spa on with these fun date ideas:

Couple's Facial - Experience an organic facial with your hunny. Many Spas, like Spa at Stonecreek, have seasonal facial specials  that you can try out.

Couple's Massage - A fan favorite, a couple's massage is a great way for you and your hunny to unwind in the same room.

Couple's Spa Ritual - A new addition to Cary, NC is the Spa Ritual. This couple's event is a foot soak matched with healing clay that you administer to each other.

Couple's Body Scrubs/Wraps - If you are open to a new and exciting service, an exfoliating body scrub or a moisturizing body wrap will be fun for you and your loved one.


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