The Different Ways to Remove Hair Explained, continued

Wax in Cary, NCNow that summer is here and beach trips are soon to come, you might find that you are due for your next hair removal session. Whether you choose threading, laser or waxing, there are several different options.

Below, you'll find two different kinds of waxing treatments. Depending on your preference, you should find at least one option that works great for you. For the most affordable wax in Cary, NC, call the Spa at Stone Creek today!

More Hair Removal Methods

Hard Wax – This method doesn’t stick to skin. It only adheres to the hair that we are trying to get rid of. Because of this, it might be less painful. Hot wax is put directly on the area where you want to be remove the hair. Then, using fingers, the wax is ripped off from the skin, taking with it hair from the root.

  • Pain Level – Mid-to-high. Skin will become less sensitive with each session.
  • Cost – Depending on your location and size of the area that needs waxed, you can expect to pay between forty and one hundred dollars per session.
  • Results – Semi-permanent

Soft Wax – This type doesn’t have to be heated before use. It often is, though. Very similar to a honey-like consistency, this wax is spread thin across the skin and then covered with a non-woven strip of cloth. Muslin is often used with it. This method is great for legs, backs and arms.

  • Pain Level - Unfortunately, the wax can stick to skin while being pulled away. This can be painful. The pain does get better with each session, as your skin becomes less sensitive. Ask your expert to put a little powder on the skin before spreading the soft wax. This can help with leaving the skin and grabbing hair only.
  • Cost – Between fifteen and forty dollars can be expected for medium sized areas. Larger areas cost more, depending on the size. Call for details.
  • Results – Semi-permanent results can be achieved with continued sessions.

Waxing while using medicines that include retinoids or alpha hydroxyl acids is dangerous. It can result in serious skin damage. Be sure to talk with your esthetician about any medications you might be on to ensure they’re not on the list that means waxing is unsafe. Discuss all options before making your decision on how to removal hair.

We hope this information helps you choose the best way to remove hair. We know how painful some of the methods we feature here and in our previous blog post are, so it is sometimes up to personal preference on which to choose.

If you have any questions at all about waxing or other services we offer at Spa at Stone Creek, don't hesitate to ask. Also be sure to visit back with our previous blog to learn more about the different types of hair removal.

The Best Services for a Wax in Cary, NC | Spa at Stone Creek

To learn more about our hair removal treatments, contact the Spa at Stone Creek, today. We are here to offer you the best, most recommended service available. Even more, many treatments can be done within an hour or less, so don’t worry about making special arrangements. You can stop in on your lunch break if you need a wax in Cary, NC! Call today to learn more!

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