More Ways to Remove Stomach Hair for Women

Hair Removal in Cary, NCAre you looking for the best options for stomach hair removal in Cary, NC? Waxing is the most effective way to ensure you get rid of hair semi-permanently. Results can last four weeks or more. Shaving is quick and easy but doesn't offer lasting results. In fact, you might need to shave again the very next day.

If you're looking for other ways to get rid of your unwanted hair, consider the following options.

If shaving and waxing are out of the question, consider using a hair removal cream. Also known as depilatory cream, this method is fairly easy to use. Just purchase a cream of your choice at your local beauty department and test it against your skin. Always do a patch test before slathering the cream onto a full area. You don't want redness and irritation if it can be avoided. It's possible you might be allergic to the ingredients.

Once you're sure you can use the cream with no issues, apply over the entire stomach area and wait the required time listed on the directions before wiping it away. This option only lasts a couple of days but it would be great for a long weekend at the beach!


This type of hair removal was used in middle-eastern ancient times. It's a natural method that works just like waxing. The results can last up to six weeks or more. Even more, it's an all natural option that uses sugar, water and lemon juice.

If you choose to DIY this technique, be sure to look up several recipes online before choosing one. Also, be careful. This technique can leave irritation and redness just as waxing would. Remember, it's very similar to waxing, in general.

Sugaring allows the user to remove a large amount of hair, all at once. It can be done quickly when someone experienced is doing this technique. For those that aren't experienced, it might take a while.

This method can be less painful than waxing but can still hurt. You are still pulling hair from its root. Just like waxing though, the results are semi-permanent and can damage the follicle over time. This will cause the hair to become thinner and less coarse as it grows back.


As we well know, tweezing hair is quite painful. However, hair on the stomach isn't as tough as other areas on the body. That means you can easily pluck the hair to get rid of it. That doesn't mean it isn't painful. It just means that you can handle it more so than if you were plucking hair from your arms, hands or legs!

Branching out and using a technique that isn't quite as common as waxing or shaving might not be your preferred method. We can understand that! Waxing is a great way to remove unwanted hair from most every area of the body.

Affordable Stomach Hair Removal in Cary, NC - Call Spa at Stone Creek

More interested in scheduling a waxing session for stomach hair removal in Cary, NC? Contact Spa at Stone Creek! Traditional shaving and tweezing are inefficient methods of removal that don't last very long. They also leave skin red and itchy. Don’t subject your beautiful skin to this type of irritation! Contact us to experience a longer lasting, comfortable alternative to shaving. Call now.

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