Ways to Remove Nose Hair

Hair Removal in Cary, NCWe all know how irritating unwanted hair is, especially if it’s in a noticeable area. Most of the time we can remove it however we’d like; plucking, waxing or shaving. This is especially true when it’s a common area like our underarms or legs. Unfortunately, we all get a wild nose hair or two once in a while. That might mean you’re ready to get rid of them and are looking for the easiest way.

No matter how unsightly they might be, nose hairs are actually very important. Plucking then can lead to infection. Why? Bacteria loves to hide in dark, warm places. Your nose is the perfect place for it.

Instead of plucking, consider the following options. For affordable hair removal in Cary, NC, call the Spa at Stone Creek today!

Ways to Remove Nose Hair

Our nose hairs are essential for ensuring dust is filtered before being breathed in. The hairs catch all the germs and debris that shouldn’t be inhaled.

Whether we want them or not, we are stuck with them. That doesn’t mean you have to leave those few that insist on sticking out for all to see.

The best method is to trim hair that’s obviously noticeable with small nose hair clippers. Don’t use a regular sized pair, as you might accidently cut yourself. You can even use cuticle scissors that are found in manicure sets. These are the perfect size and can be used to trim easily.

This technique will, of course, have you trimming once a week or so, but it’s the most effective in making sure you don’t do anything to harm you nose. Just be sure to sterilize the scissors before each use.

You can also wax nose hair. There’s a special wax just for this area that can be purchased in the health and beauty department at your favorite place to purchase cosmetics and such. If you can’t find this special type or don’t want to wax on your own, contact Spa at Stone Creek. Our expert technician will be able to help you while you’re getting your next brow or bikini wax.

Just be sure that you or your technician use pliable wax. That way, the hair won’t be pulled too far up. Doing so might result in irritation and infection. It might also leave you with the case of the sniffles for a while.

We hope this information helps you with your unsightly nose hairs. Remember, don’t pluck them. It will do more harm than good!

The Best Hair Removal in Cary, NC Is at Spa at Stone Creek

If you’re interested in making an appointment to try waxing them, contact Spa at Stone Creek. We are here to help you with all your hair removal in Cary, NC needs!

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